The Pros And Cons Of Using A Head Hunter As A First Time Jobseeker

Published: 28th April 2010
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You've just graduated college and now it is time to look for a job. Thankfully with the help of technology it is much easier today to conduct a job search than it was just 20 years ago. As great as the internet is to help with you job search, you can't rely just on avenue, but should be looking to take advantage of many different options. This includes internet job boards, newpaper classifieds, networking and head hunters. When is comes to using a head hunter to help you find your very first job in your field of study there are many different opinions on the subject. This article will list the common pros and cons of using a head hunter for your very first job:

1) Some organizations only use head hunters as their only source of recruiting.
2) Their clients, who are the organizations that are looking to fill a position, pay most head hunters; so employing the help of a head hunter may not cost you a thing.
3) Head hunter can open doors that are normally closed to the average job seeker as they will know of openings that are not even posted.
4) Looking for a job, although not necessarily complex, does take a lot of commitment and time. By using a head hunter you can free up some of your time to concentrate your efforts elsewhere.
5) A good head hunter can help you to polish your resume and prepare you for interviews.
6) Most head hunters get paid when a position is filled, so they will try to get you into a job as soon as possible.
7) Head hunters typically have a large list of jobs they are trying to fill, and since they only get paid when they fill a position they will try to match you up with one that fits your skill set.
8) Professional head hunters have a huge network of contacts that you will be able to access.

1) Very rarely will an organization use a head hunter for an entry level position.
2) If two equally skilled job seekers apply for the same position, one as an individual and one through a head hunter, the individual is more likely to get the position, as the hiring company will not have to pay a fee to the head hunter.
3) A head hunter typically has multiple clients, which could result in you not being top priority.
4) By relying solely on a head hunter you will miss out on the opportunity to create your own valuable networking experience.
5) In the same respect head hunters may try to pressure you into attending interviews even if the job doesn't fit what you are looking for.
6) There is no guarantee that the head hunter will find you a job in the field you are looking for, or be able to find you a job at all.
7) A head hunter may decline to work with you at all. Although this could be considered a Con, there is also a Pro side to it too. Take the time to ask the head hunter what steps you can take to make yourself more desirable and act on the feedback
8) However depending on the type of head hunter you hire you may be required to pay for their services outright to help with your job search.
9) Typically a head hunter, or recruiter, will seek out a potential client to fill a position. This rarely will ever happen for someone without any experience, so you will have to get the head hunters attention yourself.

Regardless of what the professionals say, in the end the way you find your first job is really up to you. The best piece of advice is to take advantage of all the job search opportunities available to you, and remember using a head hunter is just one of those options.

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